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It rises sharply in the early morning and declines during the late morning. Blood pressure rises again in the afternoon and finally drops to a low level at night. Also, it may vary in a short period of time.

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Therefore, readings from successive measurements can fluctuate. Blood pressure measured in a doctor s office only provides a momentary value. Repeated measurements at home better reflect one's actual blood pressure values under everyday conditions.

Moreover, many people have a different blood pressure when they measure at home, because they tend to be more relaxed than when in the doctor's office. Regular blood pressure measurements taken at home can provide your doctor with valuable information on your normal blood pressure values under actual «everyday» conditions.

eco slim nedir neil kulenilier

The World Health Organisation WHO has set up the following standard blood pressure values when measured at resting pulse. Example: If the monitor is positioned 20 cm below heart level as shown on the left e. Therefore, the Braun SensorControl has an active positioning system A : it guides you to hold your measuring arm in the right position at heart level.

eco slim nedir neil kulenilier

Additionally, your blood pressure monitor features an EasyClick cuff which automatically fastens correctly to your wrist to ensure an accurate fit for an accurate reading. To ensure accurate measuring results, carefully read the complete use instructions. This product is intended for household use only. Keep product and batteries away from children.

People suffering from cardiac arrhythmia, vascular constriction, arteriosclerosis, diabetes or users of cardiac pacemakers should consult their doctor before measuring their blood pressure themselves, since deviations in blood pressure values may occur in such cases.

Easy. Click BP SensorControl. Easy. Click. memo SYS. mmhg DIA. mmhg. Puls 1/min. Type 6083

Please consult your doctor in case of any doubt, especially if you are under medical treatment or receiving medication. The use of this blood pressure monitor is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your doctor.

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Duracell as supplied with this product or rechargeable batteries. Remove the battery compartment cover and insert two batteries with correct polarity see symbol in the battery compartment G. New batteries Duracell will provide approximately measurements. Only discard empty batteries. They should not be disposed of in the household waste, but at appropriate collection sites or at your dealer.

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Key rules for accurate blood pressure measurements Correct handling is key for obtaining accurate measuring results! Always take readings at the same time of day, ideally in the morning, under the same conditions. Do not measure within 30 minutes after smoking, coffee or tea consumption.

Take off wristwatch and jewelry before fitting the appliance on the measuring arm.

Position the monitor 2 cm below the palm line. While taking a measurement, sit down, relax, keep still, especially the hand and fingers of the measuring arm, do not move or speak.

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Hold the appliance at heart level during the measurement. Wait approximately 3 minutes before repeating a measurement.

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To open the cuff, press the release button F underneath the cuff closure. Place the monitor housing on the slim side of your bare forearm with the monitor facing up. The distance aid H helps you to keep the required 2 cm distance eco slim nedir neil kulenilier your palm line.

To close the cuff, hold the appliance against your body.

Easy. Click BP SensorControl. Easy. Click. memo SYS. mmhg DIA. mmhg. Puls 1/min. Type 6083

Then take hold of the cuff closure, pull out the cuff and insert the cuff closure in the monitor housing until it locks into place. The cuff will adjust automatically to length needed for your wrist. Once cuff is closed, do not move the appliance anymore. If you want to change the monitor position on your arm, open and close the cuff once again.

Put the hand with the appliance on the other upper arm as shown. Slowly move the hand upward along the upper arm.

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Watch the positioning system A and move your hand up or down according to the direction of the arrow shown. The positioning system A shown on the left and a beep confirm eco slim nedir neil kulenilier you have reached the right measuring position.