Kim Kardashian își dezvăluie subțire și nu aderă deloc! (fotografii)

Kim k subțire

Dupa prima sarcina Kim s-a kim k subțire cat de chinuitor a fost sa-si revina la forma initiala si imi amintesc si eu ca au fost luni de zile in care a urmat exercitii fizice intense combinate cu un regim draconic.

kim k subțire veți pierde în greutate după alăptare

De aceasta data insa, pare ca a gasit reteta magica. In mai putin de 2 luni de la nastere Kim si-a revenit la silueta initiala si cu un bonus de fata schimbata.

kim k subțire date de pierdere în greutate

Nu vi se pare ca are fata un pic altfel? Pot sa imi imaginez ca odata cu imbunatatirile de la fata, a mai plusat si cu o liposuctie.

Kim Kardashian West On Her Shapewear Line And Studying Law - TODAY

I love the beauty business. I took a second away just to figure out what I wanted the fragrance brand to be.

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And then, I feel like when I got a divorce, it kind of turned on me, and the people I would do interviews with, who I thought were my friends, just did not understand me. And so it was all of these made-up stories, and this whole story line like a soap opera [started to form]…I saw that happening, and it really took a toll on me.

I can handle it.

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But I took some time off. I learned how to live a more private life.

Kim Kardashian arată succesul dietei

But I really believe people come into our lives, and they choose us, and she knows what her life is going to be. I value my relationship with her so much.

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I want to become best friends with her to the [point that] she can ask me anything. My hope for her is that she is just really kind to people and grows up as normal as possible within all of the chaos. Au deja o colectie de haine, urmatorul pas va fi piata de produse cosmetice si incep prin lansarea parfumului.

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