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Which word had the main accent on a different syllable than the rest: 1. Republican Communist Christian Democrat 4. Catholic Muslim Protestant Evangelical 5.

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Japan Korea Thailand Australia 6. Spell your Romanian Name.

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  • Aceste transformări nu se produc doar la nivel mental, ci și senzorial.

Lucruri unice: the moon, the sun, the Bible 3. Nationalitati, dinastii, familii: the French, the Tudors, the Browns 5.

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Profesii: the milkman, the doctor, the professor 6. Adjective, gerunzii, participii, desemnand o clasa: the rich, the injured, the missing 7.

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Publicatii: the Guardian, the Sunday Times 9. Plurale si nenumarabile folosite generic: Bears are mammals.

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Meat costs more these days. Locuri publice [ca institutii]: Is she at school? He is in prison.

  • Apă clorurată Prăjituri de dezodorizante utilizate la pisoare Femela medie utilizează 12 produse de îngrijire personală pe zi, în timp ce bărbații medii utilizează aproximativ 6.
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  • Робот был посвящен во все его секреты; он был его глашатаем, коллегой, и все же сохранялась опасность, что в результате достаточно подробного допроса он мог бы разрушить основы могущества Учителя.

Mesele zilei, anotimpuri, luni: breakfast, lunch, spring — In winter I like skiing. Nume proprii chiar daca sunt precedate de titluri: John, Dr.

Smith, Professor Brown, Queen Elizabeth 6. Strazi: She lives on Elm Street. Munti singuri: Mount Everest 8.

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Lacuri: Lake Ontario I. Articulati substantivele si apoi pronuntati-le: shop, open door, uniform, aspirin, cup, Indian boy, uncle, holiday, record, house, hour, umbrella, M. Completati spatiile libere cu adjectivele urmatoare: accused, aged, blind, dead, deaf, disabled, grey-haired, injured, old, poor, rich, sick, unemployed, young 1.

The… can read with their fingers. The… should be respected by everyone. They say one should never speak ill of the…. The number of the… are still increasing. Only the… can buy such expensive cars.


He gave away a lot of his money to the…. The … were permitted to make their last wishes. She spent her life visiting … in the hospital. The … have to wear hearing aids.

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One should help the …. This is a hospital for the …. Articulati unde este necesar: 1.

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She says … doctor is not here. I want to see…Dr. I have an appointment with … dentist. We saw …. King when we were in Denmark.

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I have a picture of … King John. I talked to … professor about my grades. He has an audience with … Pope. I have a picture of …Pope John on my desk.

She comes from …New Jersey. We are jimmy van slimming to … Soviet Union.

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The wines of …Burgundy are famous. They visited … Metropolitan Museum of Art. The bank is on … Fifth Avenue. They want to visit … White House too. They want to take a boat across … Lake George.

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They saw … Mount of Olives. You can see … Mount Vesuvius from anywhere in Naples. The Indefinite Article [Articolul Nehotarat] a [ə] - inaintea consoanelor: a dog, a notebook, a pierde greutatea jumătății inferioare - inainte de h sonor: a hero, a home; jimmy van slimming inainte de [ju]: a university, a young man, a uniform; an [ən] I.

Cand se introduce o notiune noua in context: There is a bird on that tree.

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Dupa constructia there is: There is a picture on the wall. There is an egg on the table. Functie generica: A cat is an animal.

Functie numerica [in loc de one]: a hundred, a million, a dozen, a half, a third, once a year. Expresii fixe: just a moment, once in a blue moon, all of a sudden, at a time, to keep an eye on.

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They are interested in literature. Nume proprii: They speak English in Australia. Substantive la plural: There were books and pens on the table. Exercises: I. Articulati substantivele daca este necesar: Bagg, egg, car, luggage, pen, apple, hour, butter, bread, water, flour, orange, electricity, boy, furniture, bone, pencil, chalk, niece, army, sugar, shoe, advice, 11 flower, ice-cream, dollar, milk, country, heir, carrot, money, ox, information, picture, rice, child, window, airport, blood, question.